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Mother of killed BPF activist Valyantsin Dounar: “My son was beaten and then robbed”

The death of Valyantsin Douner raises many questions.

Activist of the Belarusian Popular Front party Valyantsin Dounar, found with a head injury on November 20 to 21, was buried in Maryina Horka on November 28.

The family and friends of the activists, who spread independent press, say the activist was beaten with iron rods or clubs that caused hemorrhage. Militiamen state the oppositionist fell down and his head struck against paving slabs. They also say Dounar was drunken and no things he had on him disappeared.

The family and friends do not believe the militia. “We have never seen him drunken. This is lies. How can they slander a person?” Valyantsin Dounar’s colleague said.

Moreover, the BPF activist’s mother states her son received salary on that tragic day. He was found beaten up, without money, the passport, travel ticket, and a bag he was to give someone. The woman believes he son was killed.

Here is footage of the funeral taken by “Nasha Niva” newspaper.

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