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Vera Rich, famous British translator of Belarusian literature, died

Vera Rich, famous British translator of Belarusian literature, died

Vera Rich translated Kuala, Kolas, Bahdanovich, Tsyotka, Arsenneva, Harun, Heniyush, Byadulya, Krapiva, Ipatava, Hilevich and others.

Vera Rich was born in London on April 24, 1936. Her first translation from Belarusian into English was published in Minchin newspaper “Batskaushchyna” in 1957, Radio Svaboda reports.

Her first collection of poetry, Outlines, was published in 1960, the second collection of poetry, Portents and Images, came out in 1963.

In 1969, Nature weekly offered Vera Rich a job as a correspondent in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. However, she visited Belarus only in 1991. After that, Vera Rich paid visits to Belarus once or twice a year.

In 1971, Like Water,Like Fire: An Anthology of Byelorussian Poetry from 1828 to the Present Day, the first-ever Belarusian poetry anthology in a western language was published under the auspices of UNESCO. The book was banned for selling in the Soviet Union on the grounds of being politically incorrect.

In 1977, the first translation of Taras na Parnasie translated by Vera Rich and Arnold McMillin was published. A new compilation of Belarusian poetry, Poems on Liberty: Reflections for Belarus translated by Vera Rich came out in 2004. Vera Rich was also working over translation of New Land by Yakub Kolas.

In 1970–1990, Vera Rich deeply cooperated with democratic and human rights movements in the Soviet Union.

She was awarded with Ivan Frank Prize in recognition of 40 years service to Ukrainian literature.

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