24 March 2018, Saturday, 22:50

Prosecutor’s office comes after “Young Journalist’s School” organiser


An organiser of the Slonim-based “Young Journalist’s School”, a public leader Ales Masyuk, has been issued an official warning.

It is noted in the document that courses with young people were held “illegally”, and in the premises that couldn’t be used for that, the European Radio for Belarus informs.

The prosecutor’s office had been asked to deal with the “Young Journalist’s School” by the local educational department. Officials and local law-enforcers believe that young people would be exposed to “oppositional propaganda” during the training.

As we have informed, “Young Journalist’s School” in Slonim had problems in April this year. On April 22 a representat8ive of the educational and social work division of the educational department of Slonim Maxim Maslau visited the classes of the “School”.

Maxim Maslau explained the reason for the visit. Illegal leaflets had been disseminated in Slonim actively in recent times. So at the session of Slonim district executive committee a question was raised: what “Young Journalist’s School” students of the “Young Journalist’s School” do, and whether they are involved in publishing forbidden materials.