23 January 2020, Thursday, 2:14
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Russian deputies offer to investigate corruption in Lukashenka’s inner circle


The Belarusian nations should learn about the facts about which he would not learn, the State Duma of Russia believes.

As “Izvestiya” writes, on Wednesday the State Duma of Russia adopted a special statement “On the situation in Russian-Belarusian relations”.

The parliamentarians have condemned the anti-Russian rhetoric of the leadership of Belarus and supported the position expressed by Dmitry Medvedev on October 3. It was decided to send the document to Alyaksandr Lukashenka, to “the national assembly” of Belarus, and to a number of international structures.

Out of the 4 parties represented in the Duma, only the Communist Party of the Russian Federation was not pleased by the text of the statement. As it turned out during the discussion, they did not agree to only one phrase conceptually: “the anti-Russian rhetoric used by the leadership of the Republic of Belarus, causes bewilderment and total antagonism of the Russian nation.” If this phrase is eliminated, we are ready to vote for it, said a Communist Sergei Reshulskiy.

Deputies didn’t delete the phrase, as it was a matter of principle for them as well. “By insulting the leader of the Russian state, against whom aggressive and impolite things have been said, insult the entire Russian nation as well,” Alexei Ostrovsky said. Deputies did not mention a concrete name, Lukashenka, in the statement. But during the debate it was heard many times. The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, even gave Lukashenka a nickname “Belarusian Luzhkov”: “We have lost trust in him, but there is no one to issue a decree”.

From the rostrum of the parliament a member of the United Russia Valery Draganov openly hinted at corruption: “You, mister Lukashenka, have created Togrexpo association by your secret decree, and for 4 years before it was closed pumped money from the Russian budget. But the money was spent on enriching your retinue, not for the good of the Belarusian nation.” Draganov has made it clear that a parliamentary or public investigation could be organized, “for the Belarusian people to learn the truth about the facts, they would not learn otherwise.”