17 July 2019, Wednesday, 16:35
We are in the same boat

Andrei Sannikov registered as candidate for Belarus presidency (Photo, video)


Belarusians from different regions of the country welcomed him near the Palace of Republic.

The registration of candidates has taken place in the Palace of Republic in Minsk today.

The leader of the civil campaign “European Belarus” was one of the first registered at the session of the Central Election Commission, he was registered without undue delay. 142,023 signatures in his support were found genuine. All documents submitted for registration, including income declaration, were found faultless.

Addressing the session of the CEC, the politician reminded that Belarus is called the last dictatorship of Europe today. As said by him, the dictatorship started in 1996, when Viktar Hanchar was illegally removed from the position of the Central Election Commission’s chairman. 3 years later he was abducted and murdered. The world community suspects high-ranking Belarusian officials in committing this crime. Sannikov called upon all those present to hold a minute of silence in memory of Viktar Hanchar.

“Belarus is called the last dictatorship of Europe today. It is a shame for the country. But it is a truthful assessment of the present situation in Belarus. We can tell the exact date when the country started to slide into dictatorship. It is November 14, 1996, when the chairman of the Central Election Commission Viktar Hanchar was illegally unseated. He was abducted three years later. The world community suspects high-ranking Belarusian officials in being involved in his abduction and neutralizing highest officials of Belarus. Today Viktar is not with us. And I want to hold a minute of silence in memory of this great son of the Belarusian land.

Belarusians do not want to live under dictatorship. And today all of us have a historical chance to get rid of the dishonorable regime, to change it and to start building a new normal European Belarus. It is not difficult to do that. Laws must be observed, that’s all. In this situation much depends on members of the CEC, much depends on members of election commissions of all levels. Election fraud is a crime which cannot be forgiven by any nation, including Belarusians. However, no other nation could be as thankful for brave and honest deeds, as Belarusians. There are lawyers here, and they know perfectly well, like Viktar Hanchar knew that, that primacy of international law should be in the country, and according to it the nation is to have a right to elect its leaders. For many times in its history the Belarusian nation took matters into its own hands. I promise that I will do my best for Belarus to become free and democratic this year. The history is created today. We create our history, and we shall win!” Andrei Sannikov stated.

At the session other candidates for presidency were registered: Alyaksandr Lukashenka, Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu, Yaraslau Ramanchuk, Ryhor Kostuseu, Mikalai Statkevich, Ales Mikhalevich, Uladzimir Tsyareshchanka, Dzmitry Us, Vital Rymasheuski.

The Belarusian ruler did not attend the session of the CEC. Alyaksandr Radzkou, Education Minister and the head of Lukashenka’s initiative group, was taking part in the registration.

In front of the Palace of Republic Andrei Sannikov was met by his wife, a well-known journalist Iryna Khalip, hundreds of “European Belarus” activists, and common voters. People had come from different parts of the country. They were holding posters in their hands: “Homel is for Sannikov”, “Barysau is for Sannikov”, “Vitsebsk is for Sannikov”, “Polatsk is for normal Belarus”, “Baranavichy for Sannikov”, “Mahilyou for European Belarus”, “Salihorsk. Together we shall win!” Dozens of white-red-white and European flags were fluttering.

The candidate for presidency was welcomed by the words: “Sannikov!”, “Togther we will win!”

Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu was not present at the session of the CEC, as he is in Prague now. However, Sannikov and Nyaklyaeu congratulated each other on registration on-line via a computer right on October Square.

Vasil Lyavonau, an electioneering agent of Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu demonstrates the certificate of the candidate for presidency