17 July 2019, Wednesday, 16:27
We are in the same boat

Andrei Sannikov gives exclusive interview to RTVI (Video)


Belarusian presidential aspirant Andrei Sannikov has given an interview to RTVI.

The interview was recorded while the leader of European Belarus civil campaign was on a visit to Berlin.

“Integration in the European Union should be a strategic goal for Belarus. But we also need strategic partnership with Russia and reliable cooperation with Ukraine. This should become prime elements of Belarus’s foreign policy. It’s time to realize that nothing will happen in Belarus under Lukashenka, but everything will be possible after the change of power. The majority of the people of Belarus has a positive attitude toward Europe and integration with the EU. The greater part of the population has a positive attitude toward Russia. That’s why the model of moving to Europe, which answers the interest of Russia, is the most effective. I have always gained friends for Belarus. I promise that Belarus will be on friendly terms and won’t conflict and go on war with other countries, with our neighbours,” Andrei Sannikov said.

According to the politician, he runs in the presidential elections because “the power must be changed”.

“We must change this power. It has made us so tired and impeded the development of Belarus so much that it will further lead to a catastrophe. We have a real chance to change the situation. People expect changes; they want to live in new normal Belarus. I believe this time we can achieve this,” the Belarusian presidential aspirant said.