7 December 2023, Thursday, 5:47
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Lukashenka: Foreign observers felt to be the masters at these elections


Belarusian dictator is not satisfied with the observers’ control over the elections process.

“But we are guilty ourselves. Having spread this democracy over the whole county, maybe, thus we have sent some wrong signal to all who is involved in the elections today, that is do what you want, come to the polling stations, act as you wish just in order for the foreigners not to think at all that we have non-democratic elections, Lukashenka noted, commenting the information appeared concerning the complaints of the opposition observers about the elections. – Probably, we were trying too much to be liked by our foreign observers for that matter, and so it came to this”.

“Foreign observers also surprise us. They, you know, felt to be almost masters at these presidential elections, though they are observers. They are to monitor the elections and make conclusions. It’s not their business to count. They are to characterize the whole election process”, Lukashenka stressed.

“We are open to the limit, and you see what’s going on, the head of the state said, addressing the journalists. – But it should be understood that the elections are conducted by us, by our country, we have our own nation and we can’t let somebody come with sleeves rolled up to command at our polling stations – whether they are delegates from Germany, France, the PACE, the OSCE. This is our sovereign right. We are the masters on this land and we will conduct such events.”

He also added: “This Rubicon is not to be crossed by the observers: neither by internal, nor external. They must understand that the Belarusians, in accordance with their laws and the Constitution, will conduct these elections. And there’s nothing we can be afraid of.”

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