26 March 2023, Sunday, 2:47
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Unidentified users created fake websites in the .in domain


As our readers shared when trying to access our website they were redirected to a fake website charter97.in.

The fake site was answering for 5 minutes and then the original domain charter97.org continued working.

We hope it was a regular failure of “Beltelecom” DNS-servers and this isn't connected with the forthcoming event at Aktyabrskaya (Kastrychnitskaya) Square. Still we can't help but being alerted by the fact that such fake sites were created for other independent oppositional sites as well, for example, belaruspartisan.in, and they all are registered on one and the same owner.

We would like to remind that there is a real opportunity to modify DNS-records on “Beltelecom” level. With the help of DNS modifications it is possible to redirect the users from Belarus to the fake websites.