20 September 2020, Sunday, 7:07
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Belarusian Public Council on Morality: “Rammstein is exemplification of vice and Nazism”


The Public council on morality in Belarus opposes holding Rammstein concert in Minsk, planned for March 7.

“The decision to bring Rammstein to Minsk is a mistake which can become costly for us. According to conviction of the Council’s members, the works of the group is blatant propaganda of homosexualism, masochism and other deviations, cruelty, violence and obscene language. During the concerts of the group sexual intercourse between males, ejaculation and imitation of the Nazi are often demonstrated,” the text of the statement received by Interfax on Monday reads.

“It would be probably a usual concert for them. But what would it mean for Belarus, which statehood is based upon anti-Nazism and the idea of the great Victory; which society is based upon a Christian and secular principle of respect to a unique personality of each human as a supreme value? The answer could be only one: they would crush and destroy the Belarusian self- consciousness identity which is rather fragile yet; trample over the memory of the Victory and its heroes, and finally destroy the Belarusian statehood,” the declaration reads.

“What these German guys would do during the show at Minsk Arena, which is one of the new symbols of modern Belarus, and the pride of the whole country? And how could it be reconciled with the specific nature of the historic moment – the 65th anniversary of the Great Victory, the Great lent, and finally the 8th of March?” the statement reads.

The head of the Belarusian Public Council on morality Mikalai Charhinets (Cherginets) believes that it cannot be tolerated that the German musicians would popularize immorality, so before the concert “the show which Rammstein want to present to Minsk public should be run through”.

“I understand that tickets to the concert in Minsk have already been sold. That is why a run-through of the show should be made, an approval should be given to it, to prevent propaganda of immorality and violence on Minsk stage,” Charhinets said.

“The Minister of Culture is to have close look in advance at what the performers want to offer to Minsk public,” he explained. The head of the Public Council on Morality believes that “if the same things the Public Council on Morality has seen would be demonstrated at the concert, an upsurge of rapes and aggressiveness in the Belarusian capital is unavoidable”.

The Public Council on Morality was founded in Belarus in 2009, and is headed by the chairman of the pro-regime Union of writers of Belarus Mikalai Charhinets.

It is a collective organ which founders were the Belarusian Orthodox Church and the Union of writers of Belarus.