12 June 2024, Wednesday, 23:49
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Za nasza i wasza wolnosc! (Photo)

Activists of the European Belarus have staged a rally of solidarity with activists the Union of Poles in Belarus.

A poster with the slogan “Za nasza i wasza wolnosc” (“For ours and your freedom!”) was placed over the bridge at he crossing of Zhykov and Dzerzhinsky Avenues.

“This slogan was first heard during the liberation uprising in 1795 at the territory of the present-day Belarus, Poland and Lithuania, and later it was many times used by patriots of those countries,” said one of the participants of the rally.

Recently crackdown on the UPB was increased in Belarus. On February 17 Polish Sejm adopted a resolution condemning actions of Minsk against the Polish minority in Belarus. The resolution includes a recommendation to consider a possibility to return to the policy of sanctions against the Belarusian leadership.

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