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Andrei Sannikov: Western loans do not reach people (Video)

Andrei Sannikov: Western loans do not reach people (Video)

The loans given to the Belarusian regime are spent on supplies of special services and police, for military parades, military exercises with Russia and on ideology.

It has been stated in the interview to "Forum" programme of "Belsat" TV channel of the leader of "European Belarus" civil campaign Andrei Sannikov. The TV programme was dedicated to idependence and sovereignty problem.

"Surely, Belarus has sovereignty today. It is an achievement of the democratic forces, our achievement. We all know what Lukashenka has been doing: he signed union agreements with Russia and traded in sovereignty. And we have always had and have a firm position now: we have been standing very strong and firm on positions of Belarusian sovereignty. But what we have today is usurpation of the sovereignty. Only through elections the nation can control sovereignty. But today our sovereignty serves not even to authorities, but to a certain group that is against the people, against independence, against Belarus," Andrei Sannikov noted.

According to the politician, a new democratic government of Belarus should be guided by national interests of the country. "Belarus is a very important country in terms of strategy, geopolitics. Let us follow our interests, national interests, people's interests," stressed the leader of "European Belarus".

According to Sannikov, over his rule Lukashenka has in no way strengthened Belarus' sovereignty.

«He hasn't anything. Now there are no obstacles for Russian authorities for instance to cancel Belarus independence in one day or one night. That is why the direction “let us work with the dictatorship in the long-term basis, and it will go to Europe" is prospectless. The dictatorship will never go to Europe. We are those who want go to Europe. If the regime would make a statement about its desire to become a member of the EU as a sreategic goal, then we can talk. But Lukashenka won't do that ever," the politician is convinced.

Answering the question of the presenter who said that "theoretically it could be explained why loans are given to Belarus. Without those loans destructive things could happen in the economy. Tens and hundreds thousand of people will lose their work, take to streets...", Andrei Sannikov stated:

" I’ve never been thinking and do not think that there are naive people who are so naive to think these loans are recieved by people. Look, what is happening in Belarus today. Look at this military manoeuvres, military parades... That is where these credits go: for special services, for police, KGB, for ideology... They never reach people. Everything is recieved only by this group that has seized power in Belarus."

In the same programme Andrei Sannikov has made a remark about his readiness to run for presidency in Belarus:

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