3 December 2022, Saturday, 6:31
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Search at apartment of Andrei Sannikov and Irina Khalip


The search is carried out in the apartment where politician who declared intention to become president of Belarus and well-known journalist live.

The policemen broke into the flat of the leader of “European Belarus” civil campaign Andrei Sannikov and his wife, a popular journalist Iryna Khalip. The search lasted about three hours. Police officers motivated their actions with investigation of criminal case about corruption in law-enforcement structures. Two years- old son of Andrei Sannikov Daniil was also in the flat. As a result computer was confiscated.

Several days ago computer was seized from Andrei Sannikov and Iryna Khalip with the same motivation. Car with Andrei Sannikov, Iryna Khalip and Daniil Sannikov was kept for more than three hours at Belarus-Lithuania border. Earlier Sannikov and Khalip were interrogated by police.

On the 6th of March on the air of “Belsat” TV-channel Andrei Sannikov declared his intention to participate in forthcoming presidential elections in Belarus as a candidate.

Extraordinary press-conference of Andrei Sannikov will be carried out on March 17 at 11 a.m. on Masherau avenue, 8 (former Varvasheni, 8).