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Andrei Sannikov: 'It was important for me to gain support of Henadz Karpenka's family"


"European Belarus" leader visited the city of Esslingen, Germany, on invitation of the city authorities.

Andrei Sannikov met with the city Burgomaster Markus Raab, members of the city council, representatives of public associations, religious communities, human rights activists and journalists.

The visit was organised on the initiative of Liudmila Karpenka, the wife of the former Vice Speaker of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus of the 13th convocation Henadz Karpenka (Gennady Karpenko) who died under unclear circumstances.

"This visit was very important for me, as out of all Belarusian politicians it was Henadz Karpenka with whom I worked most closely. I learnt a lot from him. A meeting with Liudmila Karpenka, who lives in Esslingen now, meant much for me emotionally. It was important for me to gain support of the Karpenkas family before the presidential election".

Esslingen is a twin city of Maladzechna, and Karpenka was Maladzechna mayor, while Viktar Hanchar was a vice mayor. City dwellers and city authorities have done a lot for Maladzechna. Unfortunately, recently the Belarusian ragime seriously hinders development of these ties. The burgomaster of Esslingen was not even allowed to visit Maladzechna when he came to the 10th anniversary of Henadz Karpenka's death. However, citizens of this German town maintain the most friendly attitude to Belarusians, and hope for ion-coming changes in the situation in our country and for the victory of democracy.

A photo from "Esslingen Zeitung". Liudmila Karpenka, Burgomaster Markus Raab and Andrei Sannikov

With Burgomaster of Esslingen and Karpenka's family

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