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Tell the Truth campaign hands in signatures to Minsk city executive committee (Photo)

Officers of the Minsk city executive committee accepted 105,000 signatures in favour of renaming a Minsk street in honour of Vasil Bykau.

Leader of Tell the Truth campaign Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu gave the Minsk city executive committee 5,000 original signatures. Later, officials accepted 100,000 signatures more, scanned and copied from originals, Radio Svaboda reports.

The signatures were taken by Andrei Sery, the letter department deputy chief.

On July 9, the militia seized 20,000 signatures during the search of the car of Tell the Truth activist Mikhas Bashura. The car was towed away to the yard of the Savetski district militia department of Minsk on July 3.

Earlier, the apartment where Tell the Truth kept 50,000 signatures in favour of renaming a Minsk street after Vasil Bykau was robbed. Only the signatures were stolen from the apartment.

On May 18, the secret services seized 10,000 signatures from the campaign’s office.

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