25 April 2019, Thursday, 15:56
For our and your freedom!

Svyatlana Zavadskaya: “We will find out full truth about political abductions in new Belarus”


The widow of the disappeared journalist Dzmitry Zavadsky has become a member of Andrei Sannikov’s initiative group.

“I have supported Andrei Sannikov not for some political achievements, though they certainly are in evidence. I will tell about my personal attitude to this person caused by what I have gone through in my life. Andrei Sannikov stood by me when Dzmitry disappeared, he lent support in the work we did with Iryna Krasouskaya in search of our husbands. Now I want to help him to fulfill his potential and build free and democratic Belarus. Only in this new country we will find out the truth about political abductions. Change of power does not always results in punishment of the real criminals guilty of a crime. But by choosing this person, I believe that he will be able to discover the truth,” Svyatlana Zavadskaya said in an interview to charter97.org website.