24 July 2019, Wednesday, 10:51
We are in the same boat

Stanislau Shushkevich: “The most promising presidential candidate is Sannikov”


The first leader of independent Belarus entered the initiative group of Andrei Sannikov.

Stanislau Shushkevich answered the questions of the site charter97.org.

- Stanislau Stanislavavich, why did you decide to enter the initiative group of Andrei Sannikov?

-- At the preliminary stage I observed potential candidates for presidency very attentively, and I was looking for a person in this team, who would be honest, educated, who would understand what the Presidential post is and what one could do being at this post. Only one potential candidate for presidency corresponds to all these criteria – Andrei Sannikov.

When I am asked, how my life is, I always answer: normally in the conditions of our abnormality. In today’s address of Andrei Sannikov a good appeal was voiced: for normal Belarus! As now we are living in the abnormal country. And one should do everything possible to start living well.

In recent time I visited many international conferences, and one said everywhere, that the most promising presidential candidate in Belarus is Sannikov. Besides education, understanding, he is a big practitioner, he was occupied with particular international and political work.

Look at his family. His wife is an exclusive journalist. The other day we were with Sannikov on the same plane flying from Latvia, he was checked by customs officers, and he remained calm. Only toys for his son were found in his briefcase. It was visible that it was unpleasant for customs officers to do what they were doing. One is bored with tolerating this amorality at the top of the authority. We do not know where the son of Lukashenka comes from, on the whole, where is the first lady? And here is a worthy man with a worthy family.

-- What would you say today to people who are now considering whether to support Sannikov?

-- I would say: look in what abnormality we are living. In a lie, amorality, ostentation, primitiveness. Don't you think it's about time to start living as humans? There is a way which we may follow to achieve freedom and democracy. And if we will act actively such time will come.

-- What is the way towards victory in your view?

-- We are in nonstandard conditions, that is why approaches should not be standard. I consider that Square should be before the Election Day. All adherents of democratic candidates should understand that one should demand free elections and votes counting. One should not be sheep, one should become high conscious people and citizen.