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Gazeta Wyborcza journalist’s property attached

Gazeta Wyborcza journalist’s property attached

Property of a Gazeta Wyborcza journalist, accused of insulting Alyaksandr Lukashenka, has been attached and his computer has been seized.

“I was at a hair salon when my wife phoned and said KGB officers had come to us,” the journalist told a “Salidarnast” correspondent. “They had to wait until I had my hair cut. Then I returned home and let them in. The search took about 30 minutes.”

The KGB officers showed Andrzej Poczobut a paper saying about investigator’s decision to attach journalist’s family property.

“They attached a TV set, a washing machine, and an exercise bike. Besides, they seized the netbook I use for my work. They said it might be an instrument of crime,” the journalist noted. “This is the most painful. It has been the third computer seized by the KGB for the last three months. Besides, the KGB officers seized a DVD player.”

We remind that a criminal case was initiated against the journalist on March 28 over insulting Alyaksandr Lukashenka. The case was opened by prosecutor of the Hrodna region Viktar Marozau on the ground of eight articles published by Andrzej Poczobut in Gazeta Wyborcza, on “Belarus Partisan” website and on his personal blog.

“As I understand, being the aggrieved party, Alyaksandr Lukashenka is most likely to count on compensating for moral damage, so my family’s property has been attached,” the journalist jokes. “It will not affect my work. I will continue my professional activity. As for court proceedings, I will do my best to defend myself, but my possibilities are very limited.”

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