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Political prisoner Pavel Vinahradau has wedding today (Photo report)


The wedding ceremony takes place in Volchyi Nory penal colony.

Pavel’s fiancée is Svyatlana Harokhavik. Both hope the colony administration will not change their mind and will not ban the wedding, Euroradio reports.

We remind that Pavel Vinahradau was sentenced to 4 years in a medium security penal colony for taking part in protests in Minsk on December 19. The guy serves his term in Ivatsevichy.

The bride worried (like all brides in the world). After the marriage registration, the newly-married couple is allowed to spend three days together in a special date room. The ceremony will be attended by the couple’s parents and two witnesses.

The bride is allowed to bring food for three days’ date. Svyatlana has made food enough for a big banquette.

The food list has 45 positions. Three persons had to carry bags.

Pavel Vinahradau’s father.

The bride’s parents.

Close friends came to see the bride.

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