18 January 2018, Thursday, 6:41

KGB colonel was killed?


New information confirming the accident in the KGB central office has appeared.

A source told Charter97.org some days ago that a former head of the KGB department for Minsk and the Minsk region had committed suicide. The officer was said to have killed himself with a hunting rifle. The source said the officer had the rank of colonel and we supposed  mistakenly he was head of the KGB National Security Institute Ihar Kuznyatsou.

The KGB press service denied this information an hour later, but sources of Belsat TV channel confirmed an unnamed colonel, a former head of the KGB department for Minsk and the Minsk region in the early 2000s, had really shot himself. He has worked in the KGB central office.

A source of charter97.org says it was colonel Kazak. Moreover, there’s information that it was not suicide. The colonel is reported to have been killed at home last week.  

The officer was responsible for the economic sector (preparing land for sale, privatization, etc). He left behind two children.

The source also reports the colonel lived in a two-storey flat in the luxury district close to the National Library. He also had a $1.5m house in Baraulyany.

The source supposes it is “the struggle between competitive clans in the secret services. This is just the beginning. They begin to divide the market due to the crisis.”