22 January 2018, Monday, 9:16

Valiantsina Alienevich was allowed to meet her son

The mother of the political prisoner managed to meet him in the Navapolatsk colony.

Valiantsina Alienevich posted that in her Facebook account.

“Yesterday I returned from a long meeting with Igar. A long meeting – it is put too strongly. We had only one day without taking out the food. Not a single kilo! I wanted to give the colony two packs of apple for the brigade as a gift. Considering that for the whole summer-autumn Igar ate only half-an-apple (somebody shared with him) this would have been not bad. But not, it is not allowed to give food even as a gift to the whole colony. This is an instruction from the department of correction. So for the third time since June (since the time he was deprived of parcels) I packed, unpacked and carried a thirty kilo parcel in vain”, - the mother of Igar Alienevich wrote.

Valiantsina Alienevich notes that it is more and more difficult to go to the colony in the conditions of complete uncertainty.

“You never know for sure if you will be given a meeting or they will make up all the possible formal and informal reasons not to provide one”, - she writes.

Igar Alienevich is serving the term of eight years for an anarchists’ action, however he never recognized his guilt.