18 January 2018, Thursday, 20:16

Leanid Zaika: The people are being prepared for selling of Belaruskali


In order to pay Russia back for the manipulations with solvents Belarus may sell 20% of the shares of the potassium works, the economist believes.

Today the Energy Minister of Russia Aliaksandr Novak stated that potential losses of the Russian budget from Belarus’ solvents trade account for $1.5-2.5 billion. Earlier the Russian party spoke about $1.5 billion.

A Belarusian economist Leanid Zaika told the charter97.org web-site that the amount stated today was announced counting on a psychological effect – Belarus could pay back $1.5 billion, whereas it won’t pay $2.5 billion:

“When it all started, I calculated the damage made to the Russian economy and it was really at the level of $2.5 billion. We should consider that the custom duties change as well as the oil price itself. The amount of $1.5 billion was announced by Arkadiy Dvorkovich, he was once a deputy Economy Minister in Russia. Why precisely $1.5 billion? A psychological adjustment was made here to consider that $1.5 billion could be paid, but if the demanded $2.5 billion, then Belarusian party would start arguing. $1.5 billion is an acceptable amount”.

According to the expert, in order to pay such money Belarus will sell one fifth of Belaruskali:

“Now the statements about the value of the potassium works appeared again. The public opinion is being prepared for selling around 20% of the public property for $7 billion and they will make it look like everything is alright”.

We would remind, that making a speech to the students of Belarusian State Economic University on 12 November, Lukashenka claimed that Belaruskali was worth $36 billion. He also said that the state will not refuse selling 10-20% of the potassium works, but will “seriously bargain” over the controlling interest.