17 January 2018, Wednesday, 10:06

Ales Mikhalevich: Words about KGB staff cuts are propaganda


The politician has doubts the KGB personnel will be reduced fourfold as the dictator says.

“I think the ruler more has more confidence in Valery Vakulchyk, because he was close to him in Lukashenka's administration. This influenced his feeling of personal confidence. As for Lukashenka's remark that Vakulchyk is 'Zaitsau squared', I think the name 'Zaitsau' is like mini-Dzerzhinsky in Belarus. He is a person ready for everything to demonstrate his loyalty,” former presidential candidate and KGB jail inmate Ales Mikhalevich told charter97.org.

The politician says the KGB personnel cut will worsen attitude of KGB officers to the dictator:

“I think this situation will further reduce Lukashenka's popularity among KGB officers and their confidence in Lukashenka. Personnel cuts and purges have never had positive effects on that. In general, we can only welcome this step amid economic crisis.”

The former KGB jail inmate does not believe Lukashenka will really cut the KGB staff.

“This is just propaganda. It's not know for sure that the KGB will face personnel cuts. It is even more unlikely that the staff will be reduced fourfold. Of course, it is difficult to keep officers loyal amid crisis, because you need to pay them. The fewer the law-enforcement officers, the easier it will be to maintain their loyalty.”

The politician supposes the “unhealthy moral and psychological situation among the KGB personnel” was not the real reason to dismiss Vadzim Zaitsau:

“I think the real reason for Zaitsau's removal was that one of the security groups became too strong. Lukashenka still adheres to the 'divide and rule' principle. The formal reason does not mean anything.”

It should be reminded that Lukashenka introduced new KGB chief Valery Vakulchyk to senior officers of security agencies and warned KGB officers the new head was “Zaitsau squared”.

The dictator said the KGB personnel should be cut fourfold. “Let their number be not 12,000, not 10,000 or even 6,000 people. Even if 3,000 people are left, but they will be devoted to the state. Such people Vakulchyk will work with. The rest may go wherever they want.”