19 January 2018, Friday, 18:52

Minsk on-duty policeman committed suicide


A police officer killed himself in the head with a Makarov pistol and died immediately.

An anonymous person told TUT.BY that a police officer killed himself while on duty at the second police station of the Frunzenski district police department in  Minsk on 47 Odintsova Street.

The Minsk department of the Investigation Committee says no criminal case has been opened and declines to comment on rumours.

Some details were received from an anonymous well-informed source. According to him, the incident happened on the night of October 29-39  in the rest room at the police station. A police officer shot himself with a Makarov pistol and died immediately. A criminal investigator from the same police station was lying on the bed in the same room. The bullet went through his co-worker's head and flew some centimetres from him. The invstigator was so stressed that he needed psychologist's help.

The policeman had a wife and two children. He didn't have problems in family or at work. He was respected by commanders. It's unknown that made the police officer commit suicide.

Unfortunately, this is not the first case of suicide in the Belarusian police. Policemen from Byaroza and  Mahilou committed suicide recently.  A retired police officer from Shchuchyn killed his daughter, wounded his wife and killed himself.