17 January 2018, Wednesday, 0:26

Neighbours: KGB colonel Kazak found killed in forest


Neighbours of the killed colonel say details of the incident.

The information that charter97.org website received from an anonymous source has been confirmed. Members of the society of individual builders “Peizazh” near Zhdanovichy say a society member, KGB Colonel Alyaksandr Kazak, was found killed in the forest.

The incident took place in October. Society members don't rule out the possibility of revenge. A neighbour said to a Radio Svaboda correspondent on the conditions of anonymity:

“He came to stay there overnight. His family lives in the town most of the time. He came alone in his car in the evening. His wife began to phone, but he didn't answer. She came in the morning, looked for him in the house, but didn't find. The car was at its usual place. She called on his mobile phone. There's the forest near his house behind the fence. She was walking around as she was calling and heard his phone. She ran to the sound and found her husband dead. She called the police of course. Many cars arrived – an ambulance, policemen, investigators. They visited neighbours and asked if someone had heard a shot or noticed something.”

Alyaksandr Kazak was buried at the cemetery in the village of Tarasava. There was no information about the incident. Neighbours suppose he was the KGB colonel. His business card reads “KGB of the Republic of Belarus, 29a Internatsyanalnaya Street, Minsk, Department for Minsk and the Minsk Region. Chief of the Minsk interdistrict department”. There were rumours he had been offered another job, but he declined the offer. He said he was on holiday:

“It is known that he was killed with a rifle. It's a usual case. He wasn't old, only 47 years old. He was friendly, careful, polite, handsome, well-mannered and sociable. All of us were scared and shocked that it happened to this man. I don't know the results of the autopsy. I think no one knows it. I have nothing more to say. It was a shock for us all. There's a very angry dog barking all the time. Everyone is surprised how it could happen. Why not at home or in the yard? Why did he go to the forest? Why was the gate open? Neighbours didn't know anything.”