17 January 2018, Wednesday, 0:25

Lawyer denied meeting with Andrei Haidukou

An activist from Navapolatsk was to talk to an investigator in the KGB jail on November 19.

The investigator from Vitebsk didn't come and the investigative procedures, which were to be held in the presence of a lawyer, were not carried out, Radio Svaboda reports.

The information was received from Yauheny Kanstantynau, a friend of Andrei Haidukou who was detained for “treason”. He said both he and activist's parents have no news about Haidukou.

Andrei Haidukou, the deputy head of Navapolatsk-based Union of Young Intellectuals, was detained in Vitebsk on November 8. According to official information, a criminal case over article 365 (treason against the state and spying) was opened against him.

Illya Bahdanau, a coordinator of the the organizing committee to create BCD party in Navapolatsk, was questioned in connection with this case. He was banned to disclose details of investigation.