23 January 2018, Tuesday, 4:58

Education officials get a scolding


Heads rolled after a tragic car accident that killed a 9-year-old boy near Minsk's secondary school No. 23.

Uladzimir Shcherba, the head of the education committee at the Minsk city executive committee, and Stanislau Koipash, the head of the education department in Frunzenski district, where school No. 23 is located, have been dismissed.

A TUT.BY journalist learnt from the education committee that Uladzimir Shcherba “changed his job”. An officer of the committee asked in surprise “Why do you want to know when it happened?”

Mikalai Ladutka,  the chairman of the Minsk city executive committee, said on November 19 at a meeting of the city commission for road traffic safety that he had taken a decision regarding the further fate of Shcherba. It has been unclear until recently what he meant. It was revealed at the meeting that deputy head of the Minsk road police Kanstantin Strakh and head of Frunzenski district road police Yury Zhykharou had applied for resignation.

Deputy head of the education commission Maria Kindirenka was appointed acting head of the commission.

Stanislau Koipash was dismissed on November 26 or 27. Deputy head of Frunzenski district education department responsible for educational work Alena Malashkevich performs duties of the department head. The education department staff refused to discuss reasons for the dismissal.

Artyom Tsuran, the head of the personnel department, says the officials resigned on mutual agreement: “The employer and the employee agreed on resignation. What can be added here?”

Third-grade pupil Vladik Grudyev died on the evening of November 13 after being hit by a  Porsche Cayenne in the yard of school No. 23 in Minsk.