17 January 2018, Wednesday, 17:51

Belarus companies refuse to publish Shushkevich's book

The autobiography book by Belarus' first post-Soviet head of state gets published in Russian by a Russian company.

Stanislau Shushkevich’s  book "My Life, the collapse and revival of the USSR" will be released on November 5. The Russian publishing company ROSSPEN came up with the initiative to publish it.  All Belarusian publishing companies, according to the author, didn’t dare to print Shushkevich’s book.

"There was a publisher who said he would publish my book. He found me after the publication of the fragments in the Narodnaya Volya. They even made preparations for the publication. And then he said, "We received the order – the one who publishes this book should be aware that it will be the last book his publishing company prints, and the one who will distribute it on sale should know that  this will be the last day of existence of his book trading structure," - he said.

As for the content, then, Shushkevich claims it’s not memoirs in their usual form. The author calls his product a mixture. There are short essays in the form of the signs to the photographs, some memories, analytics. The "glossary" of the book contains more than 500 surnames of politicians and civil activists, both famous and not very famous. There are nearly 500 pages and about 300 illustrations in the book. Shushkevich doesn't know what will be the turnout of the "My Life, the collapse and revival of the USSR". Like, all right for the Russian version belong to the publishing company and he did not go into the details. 

However, he underlines that they did not amend the author's text - this was his main condition. The rights for the Belarusian version belong to Stanislau Shushkevich.