18 January 2018, Thursday, 4:44

Discount night in GUM: they snapped up everything (Photo)

12% discounts caused an incredible agiotage among the residents of Minsk.

Every minute from 21.00 to midnight more and more potential customers were coming to GUM.

There was demand for all the goods, starting from clothespins finishing with linen and carpets. The biggest line was in the department of women’s tights and stockings, around thirty women were diligently waiting for an opportunity to buy the cherished good, Nasha Niva reports.

“I understand it when there is a line for shoes of technical equipment, but to stay in a line for tights – excuse me, but it is a shame”, - one women protested making her way through the crowd.

People would come with their wives and children. They bought shirts, shoes, coats and backpacks. Tired children did not even know what to be busy with while their parents were obtaining new goods. It was a real full house at the first floor – one could see so many people only at big festivities and fairs.  

“I did not even know there were discounts, they told me to be so I am buying. One should not lose such an opportunity. Soon the season holidays will be coming, one must prepare”, - a women in a line for the New Year’s decorations shared her joy.

It was hard to make it to the shop windows with the goods – there were people all around. They would squint at the photo camera without politeness, one old woman even made a remark to the press photographer: “Why are you rambling around making photos? There is no space without it. What is here to make photos of? If you are not buying anything, then leave and do not hinder the others”.