18 January 2018, Thursday, 14:37

Oligarch Chizh will conduct the reconstruction of «Dynamo»


Triple Company and the Belarus Development Bank may take part in financing the reconstruction of the Minsk-based stadium Dinamo.

The information was released at the government session held by Alexander Lukashenko on 5 November, the press service of the Belarusian leader told BelTA.

Mr Nikolai Ladutko, Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee, informed about possible reconstruction designs. The Dinamo stadium will no longer be an Olympic stadium. Instead it will be fit for football only. The larger elevation angle of the spectator stands will considerably improve the reception of the game. The missing field-and-track infrastructure will be compensated for by other facilities that will be created in Minsk.

The question about the possibility of keeping the wall around the stadium was raised since the wall represents historical and cultural value. “Preserving it is still a condition but it may be changed from 100% to 60%,” said Nikolai Ladutko.

The head of state underscored that he believes the wall should be preserved as much as possible and it should be fitted into the new stadium wisely.

According to the Minsk mayor, it is necessary to build a new structure inside the wall that will also be related to the historical part. He suggested holding a tender for the best design and letting the winner to develop the stadium design as a whole.

“We will have to start from the beginning. What was done 1.5-2 years ago was not systemic and was sloppy. Today if we want to build a cutting-edge facility, we have to start systematically from the very beginning,” said Vice Premier of Belarus Mr Anatoly Tozik.

“When we have the design of the stadium, then it will be necessary to invite bidders to determine who will build it faster and cheaper. It doesn’t have to be a foreign company or a foreign bank,” believes the Vice Premier.

Alexander Lukashenko said that the main part of the project could be implemented without foreign loans, thus saving a lot of funds.

Mr Sergei Rumas, Chairman of the Belarusian Football Federation, OAO Belarus Development Bank Chairman of the Board, agreed with that: “It would be unwise to take out a foreign loan for the entire project and pay the interest rate”. He remarked that the Belarus Development Bank could take part in financing the project.

The private Belarusian company Triple is ready to contribute a significant sum to the project. Triple Company owner Mr Yuri Chizh is also the head of the Supervisory Board of the private joint-stock company ZAO FC Dinamo Minsk.

The consequent operation of the stadium was also mentioned. Alexander Lukashenko backed the public private partnership idea. “Someone else may want to get involved. Let them do it. But everything should be honest and transparent,” warned the head of state.

“The stadium should be a sport and cultural facility. It should have a normal club and shops. Because if only games are supposed to earn money, the stadium will operate way in the red,” said the President.

Sergei Rumas pointed out the need to employ skilled consultants, who could help with the construction process and take care of the commercial part in the stadium’s operation. “We should build a business-oriented model, a facility that will pay its way as much as possible,” he is convinced. The Belarusian Football Federation is ready to take care of expenses involved in employing the consultants.

As far as the marketplace operation at the stadium is concerned, the President did not rule out that the marketplace may be open on some days. “It should have serious normal companies with cash registers. Just one example. It is possible to hold expos there, too”.

“Today is the starting point. You have to start working tomorrow. Without losing time it is necessary to gradually remove what we don’t need today. Make up your mind regarding the design. Money should be spent wisely. And certainly, if we can get this sum together within 2.5 years with a small loan for imports, we should do it that way. That way we will have to pay back less. Let’s do it with this in mind,” said Alexander Lukashenko.