23 January 2018, Tuesday, 22:43

BAJ calls for unfreezing the assets of Arche

Belarusian Association of Journalists sent an official letter to the head of the Department for Financial Investigations of the State Control Committee Grygory Vieramko asking to unfreeze the assets of the Arche magazine.

The press-secretary of the organization Barys Garetski told BelaPAN about that.

The appeal was sent on 6 November.

In the letter it is highlighted that the BAJ is “very worried” about the situation around the Arche magazine. “Starting from the detention of the then magazine’s editor in chief Valer Bulgakau on 14 September in Grodna, and until now the event keep happening that can rule out the further existence of the magazine”, - the BAJ emphasizes.  

“Certainly, the Department for Financial Investigations has the full right to inspect the activities of businesses, including a magazine’s editorial office. But in our opinion freezing of the magazine’s assets is an extreme measure which there was no need for. In the meanwhile exactly because of that the magazine is deprived of the possibility to fulfill its obligations to the readers and, first of all, to the subscribers”, - the BAJ’s appeal reads.