17 January 2018, Wednesday, 17:46

Crafts on “presidential level”

Administration of the Economic University proposed students to carve a present for Lukashenka.

The appeal to students of Belarusian State Economic University appeared on the page of Higher School of Tourism on VKontakte social networking website.

The message informs that Alyaksandr Lukashenka will visit the university on November 12. “We all feel nervous for that reason,” the statement reads.  

“All faculties were ordered to prepare a souvenir. The deans and academic staff decided to hand in a DIY gift to the President,” the statement explains.

“We inform all people who can embroider/knit/glue/carve that you have a unique opportunity to bring your craft items to the dean's office by Friday. If your work really has value and suits the presidential level, it will be presented to the president on behalf of the whole university,” the appeal reads.

A postscript reads: “Any offending remarks relating to the President and so on are banned. Let's keep our thoughts to ourselves.”