21 January 2018, Sunday, 0:04

Italian strike in canteen at Hrodna University


Students say cooks in the canteen of Hrodna State University are on strike.

Tvoy Styl online newspaper visited the university to figure out details.

“We saw heaps of dirty dishes here on Thursday!” “There were many management repsentatives near the doors. We thought they came to lunch.” “Yes, something definitely happened. It continues now. The staff are nervous, they are running around,” students say.

The canteen works. The staff reacts nervously to questions about the strike. They don't reply and go to back rooms, but confirm suspicions in private conversations:

“It started on Thursday. What can we do? A grade 5 cook (who deals with difficult recipes) earns 1,200,000 Belarusian rubles.”

Asked if the university management knew the situation, cooks answer they visited the canteen and talked to them, but it is possible that nothing will change.

A cashier confirms: “Everyone will dismiss soon with such wages.” The journalists were told that the cashier received only a million rubles.

Journalists called the university management to clear out the situation. “We don't have and didn't have strike. Don't invent news. Everything is all right,” a representative of the management answered.

Italian strike is a form of protest when employees strictly fulfil requirements and rules that causes a slowdown and affect the performance.