20 January 2018, Saturday, 20:13

Diana Arbenina: How can one relate to totalitarianism?

The leader of the Russian band Nochnye Shaipery came to the Historic faculty of the Bealrusian State University straight from the airport.

She answered questions and sang a couple of songs.

Arbenina reminded that she was born in Valozhyn and lived in Barysau. “I only agreed to that meeting because I rarely come to my motherland”, - Belapan quotes the singer.

Diana Arbeina told about her new album “4” and her knowledge of the Belarusian rock music.

Answering the question about the unspoken “black lists” of Belarusian musicians the singer noted: “How can one relate to totalitarianism. It looks like they will now put me in the black list as well”.