23 January 2018, Tuesday, 12:52

Stuffed “presidential candidate” confiscated from BChD activists


BChD activists from Vitebsk Stanislau Laurenau and Aliaksei Kishchuk, detained on 19 December, were fined for three basic units (300 thousand roubles) each.

By the court of Pervomayski district of Vitebsk they were found guilty of disorderly conduct, the head of the BChD’s organizational committee in Vitebsk Tatsiana Seviarynets told BelaPAN.

Laurenau and Kishchuk were detained at roughly 11 a.m. on 19 December. Road police stopped the car, which Laurenau was driving, and demanded his and Kishchuk’s documents for an inspection. The latter did not have a passport with him and he was taken to a police department in for authentication. There administrative protocols were composed against him and Laurenau, who followed  Kishchuk to the police station, accusing them of disorderly conduct. Another protocol was composed against Laurenau for insubordination to policemen. They spent the night in a detention center.

According to Seviarynets, “the protocol of the insubordination to policemen against Laurenau disappeared somewhere. As the result the trial only sentences them to fines”, - Seviarynets said.

Apart from that, according to her, on 19 December Laurenau was fined for 650 thousand roubles for an expired coupon of the technical examination of the car. “The largest loss is that policemen took a teddy bear from the car with a writing “presidential candidate” on it. They did not return the teddy bear to them”, - Seviarynets noted.