21 January 2018, Sunday, 5:32

Rights of migrant workers to be infringed?

The authorities of Belarus want to deprive the Belarusians working abroad of free education and health care.

The website charter97.org has information that chairman of the Brest region executive committee Kanstantin Sumar said at the last press conference of the outgoing year that the authorities nurse an idea of depriving some citizens of exercising their constitutional rights because they earn their living outside Belarus. The Brest region governor however admitted he didn't support the idea.

“Some people propose to render free social services (education, health care, etc) depending on where a person works,” Sumar says. “If almost 50% of people in the Hantsavichy district work in Russia and don't pay taxes to the local budget, the region has fewer opportunities for development. But I say we should not do so. Firstly, they are citizens of our country. How can we divide them? Secondly, if they don't want to work in their home country, they probably have a reason.”

However, one cannot be absolutely sure that the “governor” will not change his views if the outflow increases. Kanstantin Sumar also noted that he disagreed with the acting social standards calling them “the same casuistry as the average body temperature in hospital”.

The Brest region “governor” made other statements allowing to suppose that the authorities are going to control everything stifling both the entrepreneurial spirit of small business and initiatives of managers at enterprises.