19 January 2018, Friday, 14:26

Andrei Stryzhak: Lukashenka continues personnel reshuffle


Reshuffle among directors of Belarusian enterprises will not improve their performance, an expert thinks.

“Mass dismissals of directors of industrial enterprises and appointing new ones is the next step of the policy that was used at Kamvol factory.  Taking into account that economic state at such enterprises worsens, we see personnel reshuffle,” Andrei Stryzhak, a coordinator of the youth branch of the Trade Union of Electronic Engendering, told charter97.org in an interview.

The expert says the reshuffle among directors might be connected with a request to Russia to give 2 billion dollars on special conditions:

“We should remember that Lukashenka asked Russia to give about 2 million dollars on some special conditions. The reshuffle might be caused by the money. I think he prepares the ground to implement his modernisation programmes in the way he wants. Almost the same happened to wood processing enterprises. The ineffective, in Lukashenka's opinion, management was replaced by the more effective one, in his view. I think the same happens to other enterprises.”

Andrei Stryzhak is convinced that the shake-up among directors does not improve the performance of plants:

“Taking into account that the economic situation is far from being perfect, the ruler perhaps thinks the order of addends can change the sum. He continues his policy of personnel reshuffling. It is unlikely that we will see any changes. The result will be the same. Replacing directors will not improve their work. They are all the same people having the same Soviet approaches. Workers can hardly expect improvements from the reshuffle.”

The ruler dismissed directors of Minsk Tractor Plant, Minsk Automotive Plant, Gomselmash farm equipment plant, Vityaz plant, chairman of Bellegprom concern and appointed new directors.