21 January 2018, Sunday, 13:49

Andrei Gaidukou wrote what he was arrested for

But the warders censored his letter having slurred over the reason for the arrest that he stated.

Two days ago the girlfriend of Andrei Gaidukou, who is being accused of the state treason, received a letter from the imprisoned activist. In the letter he provided the real reason for his arrest. However, in the paragraph, where Andrei writes about this, the text of the letter is slurred over and is unreadable. The leader of the Union of Young Intellectuals Yaugeni Kanstantsinau told the charter97.org web-site about that.

According to the activist, Andrei Gaidukou thinks he will be released soon:

“Judging from the letter, Andrei wrote it before 17 November. He suggests me to go to some conference exactly on 17 November. The most interesting thing is the letter is that Andrei writes that he should not be detained for long. “Theoretically, they can already release me under a recognizance not to leave until the trial and according to the same theory they can keep me in the investigation isolation ward up to the new year”, - Yaugeni Kanstantsinau quotes from the letter. It means that he does not consider that the accusation is that serious”.

The deputy chairman of the Union of Young Intellectuals is worried about his studies and asks to find a new lawyer for him, Yaugeni Kanstantsinau noted:

“He is worried if he would be admitted to the exam session. He says that most likely, if he is not released before the session, then someone will have to submit tests for him. But he writes that he most likely would. Also Andrei gives several errands for me to run and asks me to proceed with the registration of the Union of Young Intellectuals. He asks not to worry about him, writes that he is cheerful and is ready for everything”.

Yaugeni Kanstantsinau hopes that he will manage to uncover the slurred over text and figure out what exactly Andrei Gaidukou was arrested for:

“There is another interesting moment. At the end of the letter there are two lines slurred over. We managed to read the second line “that is what I was detained for”. If we manage to read the first line, then we in fact will know what Andrei was really detained for. I have already managed to read some words, it seems to me that it has something to do with the registration of our organization”.