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Lukashenka threatens to Western diplomat (Video)

Lukashenka threatens to Western diplomat (Video)

Lukashenka went into hysterics over a possibility of strengthening sanctions.

“You should understand: we are tolerating so far the sanctions you are waving before our face. But we will respond harshly as soon as you cross the red line,” Alyaksandr Lukashenka said Monday in Minsk taking to some foreign ambassadors, also European ones, after accepting credentials.

“If someone in Europe thinks it is still possible make us bow by means of sanctions, rebukes or demands, this is a road to nowhere,” the Belarusian dictator noted. “Even if we stay alone, without Russia, China and other friends, you can be confident we will fight to the bitter end like in 1941-1945 defending you, defending your independence and sovereignty,” Lukashenka emphasized. According to him, he “ does not flaunt”. “We just want to be as you are – freedom-loving, independent and responsible to our people,” the Belarusian dictator explained.

Lukashenka stressed Belarus was not creating “any problems either to neighbours or to far countries”. “I do not understand who can have any claims to us,” the dictator wondered.

“We understand someone may dislike what we are doing here. Maybe we do not like something, but we remains calm, we do not rebuke anybody,” Lukashenka said. He underlined “we are not less democratic than your states.” “Watch closer at the events in Belarus. We want stability and peace. We want to maintain this stability and peace by all means,” he marked.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka suggested that “you [the West – Interfax] do not like Lukashenka and the course he is conducting”. “But we will not abandon this policy as long as I am elected president. If people vote for this president, they support his course. I have the only course – I am devoted to my people,” Lukashenka said.

In this respect, the dictator demanded Europe to “take a closer look at our country and do not do any dirty tricks to Belarus because the country does not deserve it.”

Lukashenka also called pointless the attempts of “torpedoing our relations with Europe and attempts to punish or restrain us”. He turned attention that “cooperation with Russia, China, India, Central Asia is more than enough for our country”. “We will provide a normal life for our people,” Lukashenka said. “But we do not want to be a thorn in the side for Europe. This is the centre of Europe. Who are you struggling against? Against your heart?” the dictator said. “Let's be friends,” he offered.

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