24 September 2022, Saturday, 18:43
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Brawl during trial over Kavalenka (Photo, video)


The trial over the member of the Conservative Christian Party – Belarusian Popular Front Syarhei Kavalenka was to be resumed at court of Pershamajski district of Vitsebsk.

At about 2 p.m. people were allowed to enter the courtroom, but Syarhei Kavalenka was not there. The wife of the political prisoner Alena came to the session with 7-month-old daughter in her hands, as she had no one to leave the baby with, Radio Svaboda informs.

The woman unfurled a white-red-white flag. Policemen started to push her away from the courtroom, but people turned the attack, and Alena produced a poster “Freedom to Belarusian! Freedom to Kavalenka!”

Kavalenka’s mother demanded her son to be admitted to hospital because his health is in critical condition after the long hunger strike. The woman was shouting: “Murderers!” and demanded Lukashenka’s resignation.

In response policemen stated that the court session was wrecked. The judge went away. Guards insisted that people were to vacate the room, but people refused to go away.

The chief of the escort guards started to threaten that force would be used against those present. In a few minutes riot policemen arrived to the building of the court, but people still refused to obey.

The court trial was transferred to a smaller room. There was not enough room for all people there, and the mother of the political prisoner and journalists were not allowed into the courtroom.

Syarhei Kavalenka’s father Alyaksandr was put out of court. Kavalenka-elder started to resent when the judge read out the medical conclusion that Syarhei’s state of health makes it possible for him to participate in the trial.

The judge also put out of court a relative of the political prisoner. As said by herm Kavalenka filed an appeal for hospitalization, and his wife Alena called in an ambulance.

Syarhei Kavalenka demanded disqualification of a judge again. A recess in the trial was announced. After the recess medical doctors were allowed to examine the political prisoner.

The medical examination of the political prisoner was finished, but those present were not informed about its results.

The judge considered Kavalenka’s motion, and as before, denied a motion on disqualification of the judge. This time Kavalenka demanded disqualification of the prosecutor, as he never supports his motions, however this disqualification was denied by the judge as ungrounded as well. The judge also denied the motion for the political prisoner’s brother Vitaly to become his defense attorney.

After the session of the court Syarhei Kavalenka stated that he had started to lose vision and growing deaf, and he felt really bad. When the political prisoner was got out of the courtroom, he managed to call upon those present to stage protest rallies under white-red-white flags.

The court adjourned till February 23, 10.30 a.m.

We remind that the yesterday’s session of the court ended in Syarhei Kavalenka’s being sent to a medical examination to the remand prison’s hospital. His health had been seriously undermined by the long hunger strike, and the second team of doctors advised to hospitalize the political prisoner.

Since December 22, 2011 Syarhei Kavalenka is kept in the remand prison in Vitsebsk. He is charged with numerous violations of probation terms. He is serving correctional labour term at home. The activist was given a suspended sentence for hanging out a Belarusian national white-red-white flag in Vitsebsk. Syarhei Kavalenka continues his hunger strike in spite force-feeding. He faces up to 3 years in prison.