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Free Belarus Now international civil campaign and member of the European Parliament Peter Stastny announced the winners of Game Over competition.

A hockey puck with Peter  Stastny's autograph will be given to Maryna Naprushkina, the author of a logotype of the campaign to move the 2014 World Championship “Do not play with the dictator”.

An autographed hockey stick from Peter Shtyastny goes to  animator Aleh Minich for the concept of a poster “Mind the Gap”, which will be adapted to become an official poster of the campaign conducted by Free Belarus Now civil initiative.

Peter Shtyastny’s hockey jersey with his autograph will be sent to Viktar Pashkevich for a series of posters “Boys just want to have fun”. Viktar asked to pass his award to Danik Sannikov.

The organizing committee of the competition decided not to award anyone for the best video due to the lack of price-worthy works. The best video was recognized a non-competition clip shot by Finnish activists with main roles played by popular Finnish actresses.

The campaign on moving the Ice Hockey World Championship was launched by Free Belarus Now international civil initiative on December 21, 2010.

“A large number of politicians, public figures, human rights activists and sports fans have been involved in the campaign to move the 2014 Ice Hockey World Championship. We do not stop the campaign. We decided to further promote it and attract new forces. The campaign is becoming an excellent cause to initiate discussion of the events in Belarus. Unfortunately, sport became a subject of politics, but responsibility for it lies on the leadership of the International Ice Hockey Federation headed by Rene Fasel. He will have to explain his decisions not only to Belarusians, but also to the army of ice hockey fans all over the world,” Mikalai Khalezin, one of the leaders of Free Belarus Now camapign, said.

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