11 December 2019, Wednesday, 23:37
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Baradach: Zakharanka was shot dead and then burnt

Baradach: Zakharanka was shot dead and then burnt

A former officer of the main intelligence directorate of the Russian General Staff, Reserve Colonel Uladzimir Baradach revealed details of General Zakharanka’s death.

Uladzimir Baradach held an online press-conference at Radio Svaboda website. Everyone could ask a question to the officer. Thus, one of the users asked about the fate of General Yury Zakharanka, who went missing.

As said by Baradach, Zakharanka “was seized by Lukashenka’s death squad, and he was brutally tortured, beaten, psychoactive drugs were used. They tried to extract confession that he had mounted a coup. They understood that he would not confirm his testimony in the court, and he was shot dead.”

Uladzimir Baradach also told that he traced the crime and met the chief of the crematorium at Paunochnyja (Northern) cemetery in Minsk. On the command of the special services officers, he illegally burnt Zakharanka’s body. There was no second meeting with the chief of the crematorium: someone attacked this man, he was beaten up, poured over with petrol and burnt. After that incident Colonel Baradach was warned by people from special sources, and decided to flee from Belarus. Now he lives in exile in Germany.