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A former colleague of Vitya Lukashenka came in “Beltechexport”

A former colleague of Vitya Lukashenka came in “Beltechexport”

Personnel changes were made in the control structures of CJSC "The management company of the holding "Beltech holding"" and CJSC "Beltechexport ".

It is stated on the website of "Beltechexport".

Yuri Mosienko, Director of JSC "AGAT-management" (managing company for the holding "Geoinformation management systems") was elected the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Beltechexport". As the website charter97.org reported, earlier in "AGAT-management", subordinated to the State Military-industrial Committee, worked a son of Aliaksandr Lukashenka - Victor, who is currently the assistant to his father and a member of the Security Council of the Republic of Belarus.

Former CEO of "Beltechexport" Igor Semerikov has been moved to the superior organization - CJSC "The management company of the holding "Beltech holding" - for the post of a Deputy Director. At the same time he was elected a member of the Board of Directors of "Beltechexport". In connection to this translation, Aliaksandr Vernikovsky was appointed to the position of the Acting CEO of "Beltechexport".

Recall, that in early June the "Beltechexport" company confirmed information about the change of the owner of a controlling stake of the CJSC "The management company of the holding "Beltech holding", which includes the "Beltechexport" company. The owner of a controlling stake of the group of companies has become a Russian businessman, a graduate of the Russian Academy of National Economy and the Public Service under the Russian President, Dmitry Gurinovich. Vladimir Peftiev, supposedly, ended his participation in the group of companies.

The media reported that Dmitry Gurinovich is a nephew of Nadezhda Ermakova, the head of the National Bank of Belarus.

Structural changes in the management of "The management company of the holding "Beltech holding" and "Beltechexport" were announced on July 9. Then it was announced that by the initiative of the new shareholder the board of directors has been dissolved in the company "The management company of the holding "Beltech holding". On his own initiative was formed a new board of directors of "Beltechexport", headed by Dmitry Gurinovich personally. The chief accountant, the director, and the head of legal department were also replaced.

On June 20, 2011 the EU Council decided to expand the list of Belarusian citizens and companies that are subject to penalties for violation of human rights in Belarus. It included in the list Vladimir Peftiev and three companies - JSC "Beltechexport", JSC "Sport-Pary" and PUE "BT Telecommunications". In EU documents Peftiev is listed as "a person connected with Lukashenka and his family, the chief economic adviser of Lukashenka and a key financial sponsor of Lukashenka's regime, the Chairman of the Shareholders of “Beltechexport" - the biggest company of imports and exports of arms in Belarus".

Sanctions against these companies were introduced on the basis of the fact that they are all "under control of Vladimir Peftiev". He is forbidden to visit the territory of the EU, his accounts and assets in the EU should be frozen. His company is prohibited from doing business in the EU. Peftiev contests this decision in the court of the European Union, to where on August 12 he sent a complaint.

According to experts, the deal is targeted to withdraw the company from the sanctions of the European Union. But this requires not only a change of ownership, but also big changes within the structure. The change of name is also possible.

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