30 November 2021, Tuesday, 3:27
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Officialdom blames Sweden in the "information war"

Officialdom blames Sweden in the "information war"

"Sovetskaya Belorussia" have accused Swedish politicians of "imperialism" and "excessive interest" to our country.

In the article of Vladislau Shimau titled "Bright patch on the ragged teddy curtain", the newspaper recalls the Swedes wars with Rzeczpospolita and Hetman Mazepa, accusing the leadership of the country's in "imperial ambitions". The author does not bother himself with search of arguments. Among the most important –Ambassador Stephen Erikkson who speaks Blearussian.

"Sweden shows its incomprehensible activity towards Belarus. Very unusual is the figure of the Swedish Ambassador Mr. Eriksson, who speaks Belarusian language and actively uses it. This alone is a clear indication of increased interest of Sweden to Belarus. Further, Sweden and Poland were the authors of the initiative "Eastern Partnership" - the project designed to "bind" a number of former Soviet republics, including Belarus, to the EU, but without the formal integration into its structures. And if the Polish interest here is obvious, then what does distant Sweden need here?", - writes the newspaper in the article "The bright patch on the ragged teddy curtain".

The newspaper called teddy bears with slogans in defense of freedom of expression a part of the information war against the Belarusian leadership.

"Plush bombing" is, obviously, a part of the information war of the European "democratic community" against the Belarusian leadership. In principle, there is nothing particularly new in it; it is not the first year we live in such situation. In this case, however, surprises the ingenuity of the information attack: on the background of dull resolutions of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe at least something new and unexpected. The "authorship" of the provocation is also remarkable – it is Sweden", - write the authors of the article.

"Indirect" economic influence, humanities rhetoric, as well as innocent pranks like "teddy bombing" - this is the style of modern "imperialism" in Eastern Europe", - concludes the newspaper.

Recall, as the website charter97.org has reported previously, early in the morning of July 4 Swedish light aircraft dropped teddy bears over Belarus with slogans in support of democracy. In its turn, the Belarusian Defense Ministry stated that there were no violations of the country’s airspace, and videos, posted on the Internet, which prove the opposite, are falsification.