21 January 2018, Sunday, 9:26

The Ministry of Defense has recognized the "Teddy Troopers" after a month


The Ministry of Defense of Belarus, finally, officially acknowledged the border crossing by the Swedish airplane.

"A verification of information about unauthorized flight of the Swedish aircraft over the territory of Belarus, as well as an investigation of the incident took place on July 2012. All the details of the incident have been restored, identified specific circumstances of the illegal crossing of the state border of Belarus, organized by a group of people", - is said in the message of the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

At the present time, according to the press service, the complex of measures is being carried out to improve the readiness of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces to respond to such incidents.

To do this, the intensity of military flights have increased. Advanced anti-aircraft missile units of the Western tactical air command of the Air force and Air Defense Forces arrived at the Russian test sites for tactical exercises with live firing.

Recall, a light airplane with Swedish crew of employees of Studio Total illegally crossed the air border of Belarus in the morning of July 4. He spent about a hour and a half in the airspace of the country, dropping over the outskirts of Minsk and the Ivyanets city more than 800 teddy bears with calls in support of democracy in Belarus.

At first, the military, as well as border guards, was saying that no border violation was detected.

In the morning of July 5 at the Defense Ministry stated that there are no facts which support the crossing of state’s air border. "Exploring provided photos and video, experts have identified a rough job with use of visual falsification elements, which clearly indicates the provocative nature of the provided information", - was said in the message the press service of the military department.

We also would like to recall that on July 31 for "improper performance of duties to ensure the national security of the Republic of Belarus” president Aliaxandar Lukashenka dismissed the head of the State Border Committee Igor Raczkouski and Commander of the Air Force and Air Defense Committee, Major-General Dmitry Pahmelkin.