16 July 2020, Thursday, 7:31
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Viktor Shenderovich: Putin's surname is Lukashenka

Viktor Shenderovich: Putin's surname is Lukashenka

Parallels between the Russian and Belarusian presidents are becoming more obvious.

Writer and journalist Viktor Shenderovich is confident the reputation of the Russian president is not better than that of Alyaksandr Lukashenka. He expressed this thought  in “Osoboe Mnenie” show on Moscow Echo radio. In his opinion, the international community has different attitudes to Belarus and Russia only due to the status of the latter.

“Putin and his company barricaded themselves. They have no reputation any more. His surname is 'Lukashenka' and he understands it perfectly. He understands that if it were not for our status in the Security Council, nuclear warheads and our geopolitical opportunities, our geopolitical size, he would be a persona non grata. He could not visit London, because he wouldn't be allowed. He understand it well – it's all due to Russia's status. But in his arrogance, he understands it as an opportunity to cut loose. It's clear he has no political reputation, it's too late to do something about it. On the other hand, the West swallowed it. The West cannot and does not want to do anything. They (the West) have own interests. Why should the West fight and suffer for our freedom if we've relaxed and enjoy it (we as the people of Russia)? That's why nothing can stop them. They don't care a damn about headlines on front pages of western newspaper. They don't care a damn. They have been behaving in a cynical and frivolous manner for a long time. The only thing that made them nervous was Magnitsky Act,” Viktor Shenderovoch said.

The journalist compared the relations between Russia and the West with the “Great Standoff on the Ugra river” in the 15th century, when none of the sides takes decisive actions.

“All changes in authoritarian regimes happen unexpectedly, suddenly. Unfortunately, it will be a collapse of the system. No one knows when it will happen,  on what reason and how the banana peel that will make them slip will look. But it will happen. Unfortunately, it won't be evolution changes, because the authorities already passed this fork in the road. They had a chance. Now, it will be only collapse, which will bring nothing good,” he said.