22 January 2018, Monday, 23:31

During serving his sentence in the working colony Pavel Sevyarynets has received more than a thousand letters


The political prisoner tries to reply everyone.

On average, three letters per day come on the name of the Politician to the village of Kuplin, Pruzhany district.

Here’s what Pavel Sevyarynets says: "It is a year and a month since the letters started coming. I have already received more than a thousand. Generally, these are words of encouragement, holiday greetings. Some of them even wrote mу during the last restraint in Small Sitno - old addresses. I want to answer everyone, but physically, of course it I a little bit difficult."

Sevyarynets laments that he doesn’t have enough free time to be creative, to write newspaper articles, to be engaged in party affairs, reports "Euroradio".

Recall, co-chair of the organizing committee of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" was sentenced for the events of Square-2010 to three years of working colony (“chemistry”). Pavel Sevyarynets is serving his sentence in the commandant's office number 7 in the village Kuplin of Pruzhany district. Last year, in the autumn, for the good work he has received the commandant's office permission to reduce the time of limitation of freedom, but the punishment was left unchanged.