19 January 2018, Friday, 18:47

Lyabedzka: Awarding Yarmoshyna is spitting in face of voters


If awarding were timed to April Fool's Day, there would be no questions, a politician thinks.

The presidium of the “council of the republic” took a decision on January 14 to award Lidzia Yarmoshyna with a diploma for her services to the country in “developing the legislation and promoting human rights”, the ucpb.org website reports.

“If the event were timed to April Fool's Day, there would be no questions. This act is spitting in the face of voters. Awarding the person who didn't organise any elections complying with the OSCE standards bids defiance to the civilized community. It looks like a bribe. You give us seats in the parliament, we give you a diploma,” UCP leader Anatol Lyabedzka commented on the decision to award Yarmoshyna.

None elections in Belarus have been recognised by the international community since 1996. CIS head Yarmoshyna was banned from visiting the EU and the US in 2004 for electoral frauds. Travel restrictions were also imposed on almost 200 Belarusian officials in 2010.