17 January 2018, Wednesday, 0:18

Dictator announced an arms race


Lukashenka ordered to produce modern arms.

“It will be the matter of the security of our state, our army and its armament, - he stated today at a meeting on the issues of the development of military industry of the country, BelTA reports. – The defense sector of the economy has always been a flagman of advanced technologies and innovations. Only the most reliable and best is in demand in all armies. And we must not lag behind in any case”.

As the dictator noted, Belarusian military enterprises produce a fairly wide range of armaments. Troop and armament leading complexes, systems of protection from high precision weapon, radar stations, air defense equipment are in constant demand in different countries.

More than 70% of the products of the Belarusian military industry go to the external market. And the equipment of such enterprises as Peleng, MZKT, Tetraedr is being sold to foreign clients almost in full amount. “We managed to overcome the situation, when the Soviet equipment, excessive in the armed forces, dominated the export structure. Now almost 90% of the exported armaments of services are Belarusian. This positive dynamics must be fixed”, - Lukashenka emphasized.

At the same time he noted that the competition in the modern market of armamanets and military equipment is exceptionally high. “That is why we need to promptly find and develop new directions., Using our potential, the mechanisms of military and technical cooperation, create modern armament units, which would be in demand with our army and in the world’s market, -Lukashenka believes.  – The benefits are obvious here. The modernization of the military industry enterprises, the introduction of new enterprises – is the ground for receiving and introducing perspective technologies. Later they will give a push to the innovative development of other branches of economy and strengthening of our positions in the world’s market. At the end they will strengthen the defense capability of the country, give an increase to the incomes of the budget”.

Lukashenka reminded that the task to create new enterprises and modern armament systems was set by him fairly long ago. “That is why I would want to hear today, which development are being carried out now and what we are planning to develop in the nearest future, which directions of this activities we will promote. It is not by an occasion that there are the heads of the main enterprises of our defense industry here. It is important for me to know about their readiness for the realization of the suggestions being considered”, - Lukashenka addressed the participants of the meeting.

“At the same time I want to warn everyone: no manilovshchina, no facile optimism and begging for money for some ideas. Only precise products, price, shipments to the external market and to our army. And personal responsibility of everyone – starting from the Prime Minister and ending with everyone who will deal with these developments”, - the dictator emphasized.