21 January 2018, Sunday, 17:13

Mihalok and Volski nominated for «Brand of the Year»

The jury have suddenly added a few names on the list of nominees for the medal and honorary title.

The professional jury suddenly decided to add more names to the list of nominees for the title «Brand Person-2012» a day before the announcement of the results of the annual contest «Brand of the Year». Writer Andrei Zhvaleuski, leader of the band J:Mors Uladzimir Puhach, leader of «Lyapis Trubetskoi» Syarhei Mihalok and frontman of «Krambambulya» Lyavon Voski have joined the list of pop artists (Larysa Hrybalyova, Anatol Yakmolenka, Yadviha Paplauskaya and Alyaksandr Tsihanovich) and famous sportsmen (Maxim Mirny, Victoria Azarenka and Alyaksandra Herasimenya). Some jury members have indirectly confirmed the information.

«Brand Person» is the main nomination of the contest «Brand of the Year». «Brand persons» are the first on the list of last year's nominees on the website of the contest.

 The winners will be announced at the final ceremony of «Brand of the year 2012» at the National Library on January 25. It will start at 5 p.m.