22 January 2018, Monday, 8:59

Belaya Rus recruits new members at meetings with MPs


Viktar Huminsk, a member of “parliament” from Barysau district and chairman of  Minsk regional branch of pro-presidential Belaya Rus public organisation, mixes business with pleasure.

He promotes Belaya Rus organisation at his meetings with voters, Viasna human rights committee reports.

In the village of Vesyalova, where he met with voters of his election district, Huminski handed in membership cards to new members of Barysau branch of Belaya Rus organisation. The same happened in the village of Lashnitsa, where the MP handed in cards to 57 people.

In Barysau, Viktar Huminski talked to people in the office of Belaya Rus organisation in the building of Barysau district executive committee. This step can be interpreted as using his official position to promote the pro-presidential organisation.